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The TCNJ Advisory Commission on Social Justice: Race and Educational Attainment (the Commission) is charged with the responsibility of examining The College of New Jersey’s history within the State of New Jersey with regard to race relations and social justice. Particular attention should be paid to the College’s current and former relationships with Trenton and Ewing, and should include the legacy of Dr. Paul D. Loser as Superintendent of the Trenton Public Schools. This work should include the solicitation of input from scholars and those who lived the history, as well as an examination of how other institutions have explored similar issues in the past. The report of the Commission shall also include a reflection on how the research of the history has an impact on our current understanding of the complex issues and questions related to race relations and social justice, and educational attainment.

In addition, the Commission should provide advisory recommendations to the President that seek to address not just the history of those relationships but also programs, actions, and initiatives that seek to remediate instances of inequality and prejudice, including ways in which the institution can have a positive impact on race relations and social justice in the days moving forward. These recommendations must be sustainable and may include academic events, activities and programs as well as support programs for students and prospective students. The Commission’s report should be shared, at key points in the Commission’s work, with the College and Trenton/Ewing communities, fully and honestly.

R. Barbara Gitenstein, President